Logo created AIbranding packaging AILogo created AI

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Logo Generated AIbranding packaging AI
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branding generated with AI
Logo created AI
branding generated with AI
branding generated with AI
logo generated AI
branding generated with AI
logo generated AI
branding generated with AI
branding generated with AI
branding packaging AI
logo generated AI
branding generated with AI

How it works?

Write your briefing, you have the idea, let's bring it to light!

The more you detailed the more accurate it will be. In this section you will write all the details about your brand, this is the space for the prompt, write your business goals & objectives, target audience, geographic reach, brand personality & tone, color preferences and more...

Review your design and tailor your brand to be perfect.

You have alternatives for design, logo, typography... you can give additional instructions for re orientation and choose your favorite design. With generative AI the creativity has no limits.

Download your deliverables, all in one!

Who told you that less is more? Not for us! Download all the deliverables ready to be presented to your final costumer in minutes

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Create unique logos in minutes, this is the best AI powered tool designed by professional designers.  As an early adopter, get a 1 on 1 session with the creators, pre-launch access to new features, exclusive discord access and more…


Got Questions? We've Got Answers

What types of brand assets can Brandfy.ai generate?

Brandfy.ai can generate a wide range of brand assets, not limited to but including:

Guidelines: Brandfy.ai delivers the full brand guidelines, this provides a clear understanding of the brand, ensures consistency in all brand representation. The brand guidelines includes:

Definition of your brand, the brand values (what your brand stands for) and the brand concept, this represents the brand foundations. All of this provides a basis for brand consistency enabling to establish a trustworthy presence in the marketplace.

The logo:Critical component on the branding strategy. Essentially, it is the face of the brand. Brandfy.ai includes you the vectorial logo (.SVG and .PNG formats included), you will have the logo on transparent background, dark background and the secondary colors logo versions.

Typography:Including main and secondary typography that alings with the brand philosophy, you will have the full explanation included on why the typography is the perfect one for the brand.

Color palette:It includes the primary color as well as the secondaries and the tertiaries.

Social media icon:With color and transparent background, you have the social media icon of 36 gield grid included

Images:Images of concept, texture, people and places. All of them are used consistently reinforcing the brand’s visual identity.

Applications:You will receive the brand mockups for applications such as Stationary, business cards, for mobile, desktop, poster, tote bags… all available in high quality deliverables.

Is the AI-generated content by Brandfy.ai unique or does Brandfy.ai use templates for its designs?

Brandfy.ai does not use templates, Brandfy.ai’s AI algorithms generate content based on an extensive analysis of design databases and user preferences. While the output may share similarities with existing designs, the generated content is designed to be unique and tailored to each user's specifications. However, it is important to note that Brandfy.ai does not claim ownership or exclusive rights over the generated content, and designers should exercise their own judgment and creativity in refining the assets according to their brand requirements.

Can Brandfy.ai be used for both personal and commercial design projects?

Yes, Brandfy.ai can be used for both personal and commercial design projects. Whether you're designing for your own brand, a client's brand, or exploring personal creative endeavors, Brandfy.ai's AI-powered design platform provides valuable tools and inspiration to elevate your design projects. It enables you to generate professional-grade brand assets efficiently, allowing you to focus more on the creative aspects of your work.

Who owns the designs and brand assets generated using Brandfy.ai?

The ownership of the designs and brand assets generated using Brandfy.ai resides with the users who create them. Brandfy.ai does not claim ownership or any exclusive rights over the generated content. As a user, you retain full ownership and control over the assets you create. It is important to review and understand the terms of service and licensing agreements associated with Brandfy.ai to ensure a clear understanding of ownership rights.

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